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Brief History of Buddhi Vihara

        Buddhi Vihara practices Theravada Buddhism. It was founded in 1997 under the leadership of Venerable Kahanda Amarabuddhi. The temple had its humble beginning in a small one-bedroom apartment in San Jose. In 1999, Buddhi Vihara moved to its permanent location by purchasing a small house in Santa Clara. In 2004, the premises of Buddhi Vihara under went an extensive renovation process, which included a 1,200 square foot shrine room, separate living quarters for resident and visiting monks, and a library. The project was completed in 2005. This achievement was possible thanks to the generous contributions of many well-wishing donors.

One of the main missions of Buddhi Vihara is to maintain a peaceful and pleasant environment to carry out all Buddhist activities, especially the teachings and practices of Theravada Buddhism. The four resident monks offer instructions in Buddhist philosophy and meditation. The monks are available as speakers to all educational and religious institutions. Instructions on Buddhism and spiritual guidance are given free of charge in the name of the Dhamma. We welcome Buddhists of all denominations and friends who wish to enlighten themselves in Buddhism.

Buddhi Vihara is also known as Buddhi Institute under the Tax ID 943262146

Resident Monks:

President : Venerable Kahanda Amarabuddhi
Secretary : Pasan Senaviratne (phd)
Treasurer: Dr. An Pham

Tuan Nguyen (Director of Engineering)
Perera Bennett (Director Tax Professional Associate)
Perera Manisha (PhD)

402 Knowles Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95050

E-mail: pansala@yahoo.com