The Dhamma School (Saturday school) is an organized effort to provide an opportunity for our children to learn about the search for a right way of living. We understand the importance of Buddhist values to our lives. As parents, our sincere wish is for our children to find happiness in their lives and for them to be free from suffering. Dhamma School provides a solid foundation to develop wholesome thoughts that will take them on the right path. D4.Adults who wish to learn Buddhism are also welcome to participate in these classes.

                Dhamma School sessions are conducted by residence monks and lay volunteers. Classes are scheduled to be held on Saturdays from 3:30 P.M to 5:45 P.M. In the spirit of Buddhist tradition. Dhamma School classes are offered free of charge to anybody who is committed to learn the Buddhist way of living. Any child may attend the class sessions free of charge. Discipline is a necessary learning element that will develop a positive work-culture in our children. In the best interest of our children, parents should make necessary arrangements for them to attend all class sessions.


3:30 P.M- 4:15 P.M Buddhism Classes
4:15 P.M- 4:30 P.M Break
4:30 P.M- 5:15 P.M Sinhala Clases
5:15 P.M- 5:25 P.M Meditatio
:25 P.M- 5:45 P.M Buddha Puja